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Author - Nate

What’s on my Dragon Radar? Part 2 – U/Y Gotenks

DBSCG, Dragon Ball Super Card Game, Nathan's Dragon Radar

Welcome back to part 2 of this 5-part series, where I discuss deck lists that I think have potential in the format. The last article I presented a Mono Red Baby list, if you haven’t viewed this yet, the link to the article is here: https://londonplayersguild.com/whats-on-my-dragon-radar/ In this instalment, we will be looking at U/Y Gotenks! This is a midrange deck that attempts to put pressure on your opponent’s resources, by resting their cards, and following up with devastating turns…

What’s on my Dragon Radar?

DBSCG, Dragon Ball Super Card Game, Nathan's Dragon Radar

With the release of Set 10, we can expect a huge shakeup to the current meta game. With the release of Unison cards, and support for mono colour leaders, there is a likelihood of old leaders resurfacing and dominating the field. In this article series, I will be reviewing 5 decks that have a strong potential to do well in Set 10, and my thought process for what these decks can bring to the table. The first deck of the…