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Category - Dragon Ball Super Card Game

Interview with European Finals Champion Diego!

Dragon Ball Super Card Game

Hello and welcome back to Interview’s with the Pros, this week we are joined by the winner of the European Finals in Coventry, Diego! A player from the Netherlands whose skill has seen him reach the Finals Invitational at the Atomium in Belgium, as well as a player/captain for Team TCG-Collectibles! I asked how Diego got into the game. His response was: “During set 1, I bought some cards and a starter deck because I wanted to start collecting. After…

Interview with LPG’s Nathan Hills

Dragon Ball Super Card Game

Hello and welcome to a new segment on this website, my name is Thomas Crane and I will be bringing you a series of interviews with various players, judges, and tournament organizers in our community. So, I welcome you all to, ‘Interviews with the pros!’ Our first person to join us is fellow LPG member and pro player Nathan Hills! Fantastic player with a great record of achievements in not only Dragon Ball but also Magic the Gathering. I asked…