Hello and welcome back to Interview’s with the Pros, this week we are joined by the winner of the European Finals in Coventry, Diego! A player from the Netherlands whose skill has seen him reach the Finals Invitational at the Atomium in Belgium, as well as a player/captain for Team TCG-Collectibles!

I asked how Diego got into the game. His response was:

“During set 1, I bought some cards and a starter deck because I wanted to start collecting. After playing one game with the starter deck, which was enjoyable, I decided to buy some more cards and begin playing at local tournaments.”

Wanting to learn more about Diego I asked him who his favourite Dragon Ball character is:

“Champa, who doesn’t like a fat, lazy cat looking god.”

New product releases change the entire state of the game, for better and for worse. With Rise of the Unison Warriors just around the corner, I asked Diego what his favourite part about product releases are:

“A brand new meta, discovering cool interactions between new and existing cards. I also enjoy figuring out the new meta and what decks are going to be the best in the upcoming format.”

 Everyone has their favourite decks in any trading card game, this is what deck is Diego’s favourites:

“Champa//God of Destruction Champa, my favourite character, but I also like the skill the leader has in the early stages of this game.

Son Goku and Vegeta//SSB Gogeta, Fusion Perfected because it does so many things in one leader. It has great consistent draw power and self-awaken with the leaders skill. It can play both aggressive and control. It shuts down Counter:Plays with costs of 2 or more. It can give itself an additional 5000 power and Double Strike. Additionally, it also has a cool alternative win condition in the red Gogeta chain, evolving from Gogeta, Unparalleled Fusion Warrior into SSB Gogeta, Fusion Transcended, dealing two damage via card effect.”

Diego came to the European Finals with the ambition to win and he did just that. Coming into the event with not only an off-meta pick but a fan favourite one as well. I asked how Diego went about preparing for such a big event with the deck of choice Son Goku and Vegeta//SSB Gogeta, Fusion Perfected:

“My preparation was testing all the meta decks to see how they play and what to expect from them. Regarding deck choice it was an easy choice. This was the deck I had the most fun with at that moment. Huge shout-out to Frisco Fahs (creator of this deck).

I played the deck multiple events before the Finals, so I was comfortable with the deck. Another big reason was due to the meta at the time, it was a Counter:Play heavy format. For some reason not a lot of players really believed in this deck, while I thought it was very well positioned in the meta.

It can shutdown Counter:Plays that cost 2 or more energy, when everyone is playing Counter:Play cards with 2 or more energy. The decks dual win conditions via the leader Double Strike and Gogeta chain gives for easy game ending pushes.”

At any event mental and physical preparation is important going into any match at an event is important. I asked how Diego prepares for his matches:

“Honestly depends on the matchup itself. But I am always trying to relax and have a good time. Laughing with my opponents is key to ensuring we both have a good time.”

I asked Diego what his proudest moment in his card game career was, however, I feel we all know the answer to this:

“Winning the European Finals event in Coventry. I do not think any further explanation is needed.”

Cannot end these interviews without asking if Diego had any advice to new and upcoming players. This is what our champion had to say:

“For new and upcoming players: don’t be afraid to ask for some advice or feedback. There are a lot of players who want to help the newer ones.

Regarding the competitive scene: Do not only play test your own deck but test the other meta decks as well. It is easier to play against decks if you know what they can do and want to do at certain turns or during a game. This knowledge can give you a huge benefit.”

Thank you to Diego for taking the time to answer the questions I asked. I have linked at the bottom to Diego’s sponsor TCG-Collectibles. Please check them out and show them some LPG love!

Lastly a quick shout out from Diego,

“I would like to give a shout out to my team – TCG-Collectibles and their sponsors for supporting me throughout my card game career. Shout outs to TCG-Collectibles, Ultimate Guard and Oakie Doakie Dice!”

Check out Diego’s team:

They have some amazing dice and accessories.

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