Hello and welcome back to Interview’s with the Pros, this week we are joined by the one and only Melvin from Senzu Pop! A content creator whose best known for his thematic decks and fantastic content! First time I am interviewing a content creator so the questions will be different this time. I asked Melvin how he got into the Dragon Ball TCG, this is what he had to say:

I used to play MTG (Magic the Gathering) very casually but had always wanted to get back into playing trading card games. A hunt began to find a TCG that I can step into, MTG was the obvious choice since I had experience with it but for some reason, I decided against playing it again.

One day, I was browsing something on eBay and came across a card, Broly Rampaging Horror and was instantly captivated by the artwork. I was also a fan of Dragon Ball so it was the match made in heaven. Fast forward a few days and some research later, I took over a collection from an online seller and so begin my journey.”

I asked Melvin who his favourite character was, however to my surprise I didn’t expect the answer he gave. This is who Melvin’s favourite character is:

Broly. I never had any gravitation to any one character in the series till I saw Broly. He had a very unique look to him.”

However we also got an insight to Melvin’s introduction to Dragon Ball as well:

Cooler was the first manga my mum bought me (kinda prefer self contained stories when I was younger).

Boujack was the first full coloured manga my grandma bought me.

That said, I think Pilaf is my spirit animal. I am planning to make him and his gang as my channel’s mascot.”

Everyone has different reasons for choosing what they do as a hobby. I asked Melvin what drove him to start content creation, the answer may surprise you:

Hahaha! It was FRUSTRATION that drove me to make DBS related content. I love playing with lesser appreciated leaders and having my decks themed. As I was new, I needed assistance to build a deck and was searching on YouTube for help. It was easy to find tournament winning meta builds but not so much for what I wanted to play. There was a certain large Youtuber who did deck profiles for all types of decks so the channel was my go-to for deck building then.

I don’t mind losing but the decks weren’t good. When playing a themed deck, we have to be prepared to work hard to win. But the decks which was posted online had no synergy and no chance. It wasn’t fun to lose in such manner. So I started my own channel so players like me can hopefully avoid what I went through.”

As we all know Melvin recently was sponsored by Bandai to open a box of the latest set Rise of the Unison Warriors. Such a fantastic opportunity, I had to ask how this experience was:

It was great. I got contacted by a representative by Bandai one day and was asked if I would like to do a pre-launch unboxing video of series 10 with them which of course I replied yes immediately without hesitation. There was quite a bit of back and forth on the things I can and cannot do. The toughest part was to contain the excitement. I did not tell anyone involved in the card game community about the arrangement as I want the surprise to hit with the highest impact and also, I did not want to risk spreading the news.

However, I really had to talk to someone about the news or the excitement bubbling inside of me will kill me. That was where my friends outside of the card game community, friends who had zero interest whatsoever on the card game, whom only response when I spoke about anything card game related was to roll their eyes all the way back into their skulls came in really handy.

The responses from them when I shared the news was as expected with the occasional “wow, that’s amazing” before attempting to change the topic. It was expected but it was also exactly what was needed for that moment. I got to talk about my excitement and I was certain that they were only pretending to listen.”

Everyone has their favourite decks, Melvin a man of culture loving his Universe 2 Maidens I expected this to be his favourite, however he keeps surprising us with answers no one expects:

I don’t have any. I build decks, play it for a couple of weeks and then break it up to build another one.”

Melvin has had a fantastic content creating career so far, I asked about what his favourite moments have been so far:

The obvious answer here will be the “Holy Sh!t” moment when I realised that I will be directly with Bandai but I have some other lovely favourite moments to share too.

The first time I saw someone talking about my channel on the Facebook Dragon Ball group.

The first time a store owner contacted me to tell me that one of my videos caused a buyout.

The first time I received a press pass with my channel’s name on it”

The Unison Warrior’s block is shaping up to be a fantastic block so far. I asked Melvin what he is looking forward to from this block:

Undoubtedly, the return of the red earthlings. I love the red earthling engine when it was released in series 5 but it is more than just gameplay that I am excited about. In my opinion, it is easy for Bandai to make more sales and generate more hype by creating archetypes around popular powerful characters like Ultra Instinct Goku, Royal Blue Vegeta and Broly. However, red in this series was dedicated around the earthlings which are essentially the side characters in the Dragon Ball series. It is easy to love the cool and powerful main characters and forget about the side characters.

However, for a series to be good, great side characters are as equally important as the main ones but they don’t often get the amount of appreciation they deserved. This is also true in the card game community. It is easy to focus on tournament results and the great players in the community and forget about the everyday players having fun in the locals and on their kitchen table with friends. The casual players are also a very integral part of what makes the card game successful but also very often, they don’t get the amount of appreciation they deserved.

Maybe I am reading too much into this (I most certainly am), printing archetypes like earthlings embodies the the message from Bandai of “we remember the side characters”, the often less appreciated aspect of what the card game community is about.”

Melvin is a man of quality, some amazing YouTube content. A role model for any wannabe content creator. I asked if he had any advice for those looking to start making content online. This is what he had to say:

I am still considered new to this YouTube thing having no prior experience with video recording before my channel first upload but here are some things I’ve learned:

1. Make that first video and learn how to improve on it. If you are embarrassed by that video you made 6 months ago, then congratulations, you have improved in your craft.

2. Consistency is king. Some people are talented with it and can be successful overnight with lots of views, audience interests and subs. Most of us are not. Make an upload schedule and religiously stick to it.”

Thank you so much to Melvin for joining us for this interview! I hope you enjoyed taking part in this and I’m looking forward to our next collaboration! Join us next week for an interview with French judge Jauhn! Please check out Melvin’s channel by clicking on the logo below!

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