Welcome back to part 2 of this 5-part series, where I discuss deck lists that I think have potential in the format. The last article I presented a Mono Red Baby list, if you haven’t viewed this yet, the link to the article is here: https://londonplayersguild.com/whats-on-my-dragon-radar/

In this instalment, we will be looking at U/Y Gotenks! This is a midrange deck that attempts to put pressure on your opponent’s resources, by resting their cards, and following up with devastating turns while their shields are down. I won’t be discussing all the cards in this list, as some are considered staples for the colour pair, but I will highlight key cards in this deck which helps to fulfil your game plan.

Main Deck
2 Remote Serious Bomb (db1-086)
1 Fu, Shrouded in Mystery (BT3-118)
4 Senzu Bean (bt1-053)
3 Obuni, Afterimage Slash (db2-046)
4 Beerus, Fickle God (bt7-120)
1 Black Smoke Dragon, Eternal Evil (bt9-135)
4 Zamasu, Sacred Disbelief (bt9-091)
4 Boujack, Resonant Agent of Destruction (ex05-04)
2 Hidden Power, East Supreme Kai (tb2-012)
4 SS Gogeta, Dynamic Unison (bt10-095)
4 Vegeta, Prideful Transformation (bt10-105)
3 Flying Nimbus (bt3-104)
4 Great Ape Bardock, Raider’s Warcry (db1-061)
3 Great Ape Son Goku, Saiyan Instincts (db1-064)
4 Bergamo, Ferocious Roar (db2-108)
3 Basil, Fatal Rampage (db2-111)

Gotenks fills a gap in yellow based leaders since the errata of both Broly, the Awakened Power, and Son Goku, Surge of Divinity. It is closely comparable to Broly, and arguably even stronger than Broly ever was.

The first auto on Gotenks allows you to draw a card even if you don’t take a life, which gives greater resiliency to the more aggressive decks in the format. You can apply pressure and gain card advantage, without the need of self-awakening (although you have the option to do so if the matchup requires it).

The second auto is another source of card advantage, that triggers on both turns. So, if your opponent tries to take pressure off on your turn with a negate or extends their board on their own turn with a Senzu Bean, you generate additional card advantage. 

While half of the awakened side is irrelevant for this deck, the added ability of resting battle cards when your opponent uses an extra card synergises well with the rest of the deck.

SS Gogeta, Dynamic Unison is the Unison of choice for this deck. This is one of the strongest Unison card printed so far. The permanent ability on this card rewards you for tapping out, giving your leader an extra layer of defence for any energy intensive plays, resulting in your shields going down into your opponents turn. This makes it harder for aggressive decks that go wide to kill you as your opponent will have to commit more cards in each combo to ensure you are taking damage.

The once per turn auto synergises alongside the leader whenever your opponent activates an extra card. This makes Gogeta harder to deal with once in play, as it is another source of markers being added to this card.

The +1 ability filters cards from your hand, allowing you to discard additional copies of Gogeta, or Great Ape Son Goku, Saiyan Instincts, which generates additional card advantage when utilising it from your drop. It also fuels over realm for the late game, allowing you to effectively play Black Smoke Dragon, Eternal Evil and Fu, Shrouded in Mystery without committing additional resources.

The -4 Ability is an extremely powerful ability. It is comparable to the Magic the Gathering card Winter Orb, but only affects your opponent. This ability puts a considerable strain on your opponent’s resources on the following turn, meaning that if you are unsuccessful on a turn where you are going for game, the -4 ability helps to prevent your opponent from setting up a viable retaliation turn.

Vegeta, Prideful Transformation is somewhat of an interesting card. Ultimately, this card is good as it is a free counter play when you have a unison in play with 2 or more markers. The main issue is that the power of the card is lacking compared to the other unison cards, making it hard to pressure the rested battle card, or an awakened leader.

However, this card is a blocker, which means when you do activate the counter play ability, preventing you from playing any more CP cards for the turn, it provides added defence for any follow up plays your opponent has. 

This card also has the benefit of being able to be played on your own turn. If your opponent activates any counter play cards or arrival in your turn, you are able to play this offensively to rest a potential blocker, or battle card that can be used in a combo.

Zamasu, Sacred Disbelief is the super combo of choice. It synergises with other cards in the deck by resting battle cards or leader cards, can be used at any point in the game, enables arrival for Boujack, Resonant Agent of Destruction, and at a very worst case scenario gives you a turn 1 multi-colour energy to turn if you didn’t find a Beerus, Fickle God, or Boujack.

As this deck has massive amounts of card advantage from the leader, or filtering thanks to the unison card, there is no need to run super combos that draw cards. This card is an effective way to relieve pressure from an opponent’s attack by being able to out-combo an attack then rest another card, offering efficient levels of defence. 

Basil, Fatal Rampage is a cheap, yet effective battle card to apply pressure throughout the game. It is a 1 drop that replaces itself when played, so even if it is removed from the battle area you aren’t a card down. Its active main synergises with the rest of the deck, as it rewards you for tapping out your opponent’s field with a dual attack 19k battle card.

A bonus for this card is that the active main lasts throughout your opponent’s turn too. This means it is harder to be removed by your opponent unless they commit to extra attacks into it, relieving pressure off your leader and unison card.

Obuni fits nicely in this deck as a midgame threat. It provides 4 bodies for an investment of 4 energy, which is great in terms of efficiency. It has the capability of closing out games and if your opponent attempts to interact with the attacks via extra cards, we can card advantage with our leader. 

Pair this card with SS Gogeta, Dynamic Unison and you can set up a turn where you can -4 the unison then pay this card, restricting your opponent’s capabilities of dealing with your board on their next turn.

The active main of this card also can give some safety in tapping out, as it has the potential of switching energy to active mode. Though this is not guaranteed and shouldn’t be heavily relied upon.

For the late game finishers, I’ve added Black Smoke Dragon and Fu, Shrouded in mystery. These cards work well in combination, as you can drop black smoke on turn 5, then follow up with Fu on 6. You can reliably fill your drop thanks to the Gogeta Unison, meaning you should normally be able to drop Black Smoke on curve without much worry. 

Fu is a strong finisher that gives you the fallback of disrupting your opponent’s turn if you are unable to win when you play it. Pair this card with Obuni and you have an incredibly potent board while minimising your opponent’s ability to interact thanks to Fu’s auto.

Finally, 2 copies of Hidden Power, East Supreme Kai are run to potentially catch your opponent off-guard while they are 2 life. Unisons can’t currently be KO’d in battle, so you have an additional threat (alongside your leader) to push in for a lethal attack if your opponent is at 2 life and you have a copy of this in your hand.

I don’t think the other cards require much discussion, but I am happy to listen to your thoughts moving forward! If you’d like to see a full breakdown of each card, please reach out to me and I will do my best to accommodate your request. I think this deck has real potential in set 10 and would appreciate hearing any success stories you have with this list.

In the next article I will be going through my take on Son Goku // Bonds of Friendship Son Goku, so be sure to check back for the next instalment!

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